Cloud Computing Data Storage Services + Premium SSD WebHost – 1 year


Era Industry4.0 dengan Cloud sudah hadir, tak ada batasan. Semua berkas bisa dibuat, diedit bersama dan dikirim seketika itu juga.

Perangkat Flash Disk hingga HDD Eksternal bahkan aktivitas email tergantikan oleh cloud.

Bangun cloud di perusahaanmu sekarang!. Kami berpengalaman dalam mengembangkan cloud dalam pengalaman yang terbaik.


✅ include domain .com + ssl https.
✅ include 100GB SSD WebHost, Webmail & Backup system.
✅ include Setup Installation & Maintenance.
✅ Free IT Support 24/7 & Manage Support.
✅ Priority remote assistance services.
✅ Top User Administrator.
✅ Self-managed, on-premises.
✅ File sync and share.
✅ Prive Office with OnlyOffice.
✅ 100 % open source.
✅ Access to community apps & community forums.
✅ Desktop & mobile apps.



Collaborate easier, and safely
the open-source file sync, share, and content collaboration software that lets teams work on data easily from anywhere, on any device.

Improve collaboration within your organization
Unlock productivity gains through easy, flexible, and secure sharing of files and folders. Save storage and bandwidth using the Virtual File System.

Be productive wherever you are
Find, edit and share documents on mobile devices, whether in the office, at home, or on the go.

Work together in secure clouds
Seamlessly collaborate in real-time, remote, and platform-independent.

Share data with external contacts
Safely involve contacts outside your organization with select files and folders.

Keep it safe
Make files and folders accessible for legitimate use by eligible users while protecting them from anyone else.

Unburden the mail server
Send links instead of attachments. It is safer and eases the load on the mail server.



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